11 items to get rid of today for a happier life

C & I have recently made the decision to give tiny living a try. We have toyed around with the idea for years, but we never made any real action to move forward until three short months ago. We were exhausted by all the clutter in our lives. Even though our closets were all overflowing, we continually found ourselves buying more items that we truly didn’t need. We tried to stop, but it seemed that every time we were out in public, we ended up finding something that we felt as if we truly had to buy. When sitting down watching our favorite shows about tiny living, we just looked at each other and contemplated why we never gave it a chance. In that moment we realized that we needed to make a change & fast. Tiny living was our obvious solution. For the last few months we have been doing copious of research to find the perfect house and now we are finally in the process of pairing down all the belongings that have piled up over the last 6 years of marriage.

When I began going through our belongings I was at a loss for words; disgusted over the unnecessary amount of belongings we have accumulated in such a short time. After simply beginning to go through our items, I have vowed to never own so many superfluous objects ever again.  Getting rid of such a large amount items has been a liberating experience to say the least. You may not realize, but sometimes it is the things that you hold onto that are holding you back. Rather than clinging to our belongings, we should put that energy toward our happiness, our loved ones and our experiences. When it’s our time to leave this world, our graves will all be the same size. Will all those belongings really matter? Probably not, but the impact you make on your family and the world will. In honor of our new outlook on life, I have created a list of eleven things you can get rid of today that will declutter your life as well as your mind, and you don’t have to worry about missing them once they’re gone.


  1. Clothes

This step is huge. Trust me, I recognize how difficult this may be. You never know how your weight will fluctuate, or what will come back in style, or maybe it’s an item that was given to you by someone even though you know you will never wear it. I promise that clinging to these items out of fear is not brining you the peace that you deserve. I began this journey with not one, but FOUR closets filled with clothes. There were many things that hadn’t been worn in over 8 years and several more that still had tags. With my weight fluctuating over the years, I have always kept various sizes on hand. I recently watched a Dr. Oz show that spoke about how keeping extra sizes in your closet means that you are essentially allowing yourself to gain weight because you know that your clothes will fit either way. If you only have 1-2 sizes in your closet at any given time, you are more likely to make a change when you notice that your favorite jeans are getting a little snug. When going through my clothes I decided to keep 2 different sizes and I tried to keep mainly solid colors of good quality that will never go out of style. Google capsule wardrobes for endless inspiration.

  1. Old magazines

Let’s be real, we both know that you are never going to re-read that quiz from the 2007 Cosmo or finally try that recipe from 2 years ago. Donate it to someone that might.

  1. Old paperwork & junk mail

Who knows when you will need this possibly important document ever again!? I get it, I do. But if you haven’t needed it in the last year, you probably won’t be needing it any time soon. We all know how quickly junk mail piles up, just do your part and make your recycling company proud. Look at you saving the planet; it feels good, doesn’t it?

  1. Excess toys

We don’t even have children yet, but the number of toys we had was astounding. Who knew our dogs needed 73 of the same bones!? Just kidding, they don’t. Pick their favorites and then clean and donate the rest to your local animal shelter (or something similar for all of you mommas to human children.)

  1. DVDs/VHS

Be honest, when is the last time you watched some of these movies? Do you even have a VHS player? It’s okay to keep a few, but I know you aren’t going to watch that 2-star movie from 20 years ago that has dust all over the case. FREE YOURSELF.

  1. Jewelry 

Accessories are just like clothes, try to narrow it down to a few timeless pieces that mean the most to you. The vibrant costume jewelry that went out of style five years ago probably isn’t going to make a comeback any time soon.

  1. Out dated electronics

Do you even know where your Wii is? Why are you still holding onto that broken phone charger when you’ve bought two new ones since? Is it really necessary to have so many remotes?

  1. Mismatched socks

I was never taught how to fold so my sock and underwear drawers are a bit of a mess. I don’t know about you, but I used to always dig to find my “good” underwear that I really like or my “good” socks. Why bother rummaging past those things that I don’t want to wear every single day? Simply keeping the things that I would want to wear daily and getting rid of mismatched and old items has saved so much room and sanity.

  1. Cosmetics

You bought the wrong color and now it’s too late to take it back and that is okay! Do you know someone who may be able to wear it? Do you really need 8 pale pink lip glosses? Try to lay all your cosmetics out and pick your favorite go-to items. Donate the rest and throw out what’s expired. Your medicine cabinet/vanity will thank you.

  1. Food

Many of us are guilty of walking down the aisle at the grocery store and buying at least one thing that we really don’t need. Now it’s been sitting in your pantry for months. Be real with yourself, if you don’t think you’ll be in the mood to make it this week, give it to someone that will.

  1. Excess kitchenware

Unless you’re a professional chef you probably do not need 5 spatulas, 10 extra Tupperware lids or 9,872 coffee cups


Please believe me when I say that I understand how difficult these tasks may be. I have spent years connecting my happiness, self-worth and security to my physical possessions. Once you begin letting go of these things that are weighing you down, you will have the opportunity to feel a sense of freedom that will allow you to be more content than you could have ever imagined. Rather than spending your free time cleaning, organizing or stressing out about your clutter, you will have more time for self-care and other more important aspects of your life. It’s been a little over a month since we began letting things go and contrary to my initial belief, I feel happier, lighter and freer than I could have ever imagined. Mild hoarding for the sake of security, sentiments and happiness has been something that I have been dealing with for years. If you have any questions or need advice I would be more than happy to help you in any way that I possibly can. Everyone deserves to live their best life.

Until next time!


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