Four picture-worthy locations in Delaware


Rehoboth Beach *Dela-where!?* Let’s face it, if you’re coming into Delaware from another state, you’re probably coming to Rehoboth or Dover. While you’re in Rehoboth,  make your way down the boardwalk during the Summer months to play a few games in the arcade, maybe throw in some roof top putt-putt, but whatever you do, be sure to stop by Mug & Spoon. The lighting inside isn’t exactly insta-worthy, but their over-the-top desserts definitely are! They are magical, colorful and oh-so-fun. Beware though, they are ginormous – you may want to consider splitting one with a friend. If milkshakes aren’t your thing, try a mermaid latte!


Killens Pond is a local favorite. The park is perfect for families and adventure seekers alike. Kids can play at the brand new water park, camping is available and there are boat rentals available near the pond. You can choose between paddle boats, kayaks and canoes. Prices are beyond reasonable and you can make an entire day or weekend out of your trip. Pro tip: when you get to the far side of the pond, keep going there are trails that continue back further into the park.



Dover isn’t exactly known for it’s hip, modern scene. However, it is growing! This quaint little town has grown on me tremendously over the past few years. Plus, how cute is this wall!? You can find it outside of the Starbucks in North Dover. Starbucks dedicated their décor to the Air Force Base down the road. Inside and out you will find a salute to our troops. The outside wall features a mural of Legislative Hall along with an Eagle and the American Flag. Considering this is the Capital of the first state, does it get any more patriotic than that!? While you’re in town, take a stroll through Capital Square and brush up on your history.




Fifer Orchards is located in the small town of Camden Wyoming and is one of my favorite places in Delaware. Fifers is a 4th generation family farm where you will find the worlds best fresh cinnamon doughnuts. During the season you can also pick your own fruit, browse through the country store and have a fresh cup of delicious apple cider. Fall at Fifers is my absolute fave. On Saturdays they hold Fall Festivals with a corn maze, pumpkin checkers, corn hole, hay rides, food trucks, a pumpkin patch and so much more. Fifers is fun for the entire family and I can guarantee, you will not leave hungry.

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