Three things you have to do in Bermuda

My best friend and I recently took a trip to Bermuda. It is by far my favorite place that I have ever been. The locals are incredibly friendly, the views are insane and even though the island is small, you do not have to worry about running out of things to do. Whether you’re staying for a day, a week or a lifetime, these are the three things that you must consider doing while you’re there.


Admiralty House Park – located on Spanish Point Road in Hamilton. The views are unlike anything I had ever seen before. When we pulled up, we were blown away by how blue the water was. As we walked over to the left side of the park to take a picture of the caves, we noticed a local climbing back up. He informed us that no matter what we do in Bermuda, we must go and walk through the caves. We love local advice so we quickly made our way down. While we were expecting to see a dark gloomy hole in the wall, we noticed that we were actually able to walk back into the cave. It was pitch black, so thankfully we had our cell phone flash lights on. We literally stumbled upon two beautiful natural pools right in the middle of the cave. When we walked to the other side, we went down a long, man-made tunnel, which led to a spectacular view of the beach and made for a really neat experience. What I loved most about Admiralty was that it was not nearly as crowded as other beaches that we had traveled to. Most of the people there were friendly locals. Also, if you’re searching for an adrenaline rush, the cliffs there are perfect for jumping. The water can get rocky and the ground in the caves is bumpy, so if you do make it out to Admiralty House, be safe!


Horseshoe Bay Beach – located in Southampton Parish is rated the #8 beach in the entire world by TripAdvisor. While this beach is a bit crowded, the scenery makes up for it. The pink sand is truly stunning, the water is crystal clear and the facilities on site are wonderful. There is free parking, a restroom, showers, a bar and a restaurant all at your fingertips, which makes it easy to spend your entire day relaxing on the beach with a Rum Swizzle in your hand. Many adults went off to the left, where it was more of a beach with waves and ample space. Parents with young children seemed to go to the right toward the cove where the water was more relaxed. While the sign says not to climb the rocks, we noticed that many people did anyway. The views were spectacular. But again, be careful!


Twizy Rentals – my absolute favorite part of our Bermuda trip! A Twizy is a small, electric vehicle that is rented out by the company Current Vehicles in Hamilton at the Princess Hotel. It is roughly the size of a Smart Car, but it sits two people comfortably. Oh, and did I mention, it has Lamborghini doors?! Compared to scooter rental on the island, prices are phenomenal and include insurance. With the Twizy, you have a bit more room on the sides and in the back seat than you would on a scooter. Also, the cover over the roof, the extra security from the side doors and the stability make you feel much safer while on the road in a foreign place. Safety and money aside the Twizy is SO MUCH FUN. Everywhere we drove, we had people stopping to ask us to take pictures with them. Every time we parked, we came back to people sticking their heads inside our car. There are no words to describe the look of pure fascination on people’s faces as we drove by. We were greeted by so many waves, smiles and honks that we felt like local celebrities. The roads in Bermuda are very narrow, they have many turns and are far from flat. The Twizy navigated through the terrain like a pro and made it effortless to pilot through the island. There were three convenient charge ports that we accessed during our trip in St. George’s, Hamilton and Southampton. The employees will gladly give you a map to help you find them during your trip. Oh, and keep in mind, they drive on the left side of the road in Bermuda!

This experience was inspiring on so many levels. I have decided that I need to make travel more of a priority in my life. So tell me, where are your favorite places to escape to?

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